Meet the Team


Aaron P. Johnson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Chair, Psychology

Aaron JohnsonProf. Johnson has been at Concordia since 2006. His research investigates human vision in real-world environments while performing real-world tasks. His research spans a range of areas from low-level computational models of vision, to applied research in the fields of marketing, aviation, and low vision rehabilitation.

Rick Gurnsey, Ph.D.

Professor, Psychology

Rick GurnseyProf. Gurnsey has been a professor at Concordia since 1992. His research focuses on vision across the visual field, and on improving statistical analysis used in the field of Psychology. He has recently published a new textbook on Statistics for Research in Psychology , which focuses on confidence interval estimations.

Lucia Farisello, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Lucy FariselloDr. Farisello has been at Concordia since 2014. Her research investigates psychophysiological and self-report measures of arousal to visually explicit sexual imagery and videos. She is also developing better self-report questionnaires to explore sexuality and arousal.

Walter Wittich, Ph.D.

Affiliate Professor, Psychology /  Assistant Professor, Optometry and Vision Science. 

Walter WittichProf. Wittich has been at the University of Montreal since 2014. His research investigates dual sensory impairments (e.g., vision and hearing loss), and how these may impact other areas of older adults health (e.g., Cognition).

Visual Impairment Research Lab @ UdM



Postdoctoral Fellows

Caitlin Murphy, PH.D.

Postdoc, Psychology

Caitlin MurphyDr. Murphy research investigates the physiology of the retina in individuals with visual impairment using the Scanning Laser Opthamoloscope imaging modality. Her research is building a database of images of individuals with visual impairment, with behavioural and cognitive measures, allowing both researchers and clinicians to better understand how vision loss impacts other areas of health.

Leon Franzen, PH.D.

Postdoc, Psychology / JMSB

Leon FranzenDr. Franzen is a horizon postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Johnson and Prof. Grohmann (JMSB). His doctoral research at the University of Glasgow investigated the perceptual mechanisms involved in Dyslexia. At Concordia, he will be working on visual marketing behaviour.