Meet the Team



Aaron P. Johnson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Psychology

Aaron JohnsonProf. Johnson has been at Concordia since 2006. His research investigates human vision in real-world environments while performing real-world tasks. His research spans a range of areas from low-level computational models of vision, to applied research in the fields of marketing, aviation, and low vision rehabilitation.

Rick Gurnsey, Ph.D.

Professor, Psychology

Rick GurnseyProf. Gurnsey has been a professor at Concordia since 1992. His research focuses on vision across the visual field, and on improving statistical analysis used in the field of Psychology. He has recently published a new textbook on Statistics for Research in Psychology , which focuses on confidence interval estimations.

Lucia Farisello, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Lucy FariselloDr. Farisello has been at Concordia since 2014. Her research investigates psychophysiological and self-report measures of arousal to visually explicit sexual imagery and videos. She is also developing better self-report questionnaires to explore sexuality and arousal.

Walter Wittich, Ph.D.

Affiliate Professor, Psychology /  Assistant Professor, Optometry and Vision Science. 

Walter WittichProf. Wittich has been at the University of Montreal since 2014. His research investigates dual sensory impairments (e.g., vision and hearing loss), and how these may impact other areas of older adults health (e.g., Cognition).

Visual Impairment Research Lab @ UdM





Postdoctoral Fellows

Caitlin Murphy, PH.D.

Postdoc, Psychology

Caitlin MurphyDr. Murphy started at Concordia in 2017. Her research investigates the physiology of the retina in individuals with visual impairment using the Scanning Laser Opthamoloscope imaging modality. Her research is building a database of images of individuals with visual impairment, with behavioural and cognitive measures, allowing both researchers and clinicians to better understand how vision loss impacts other areas of health.

Leon Franzen, PH.D.

Postdoc, Psychology / JMSB

Leon FranzenDr. Franzen is a horizon postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Johnson and Prof. Grohmann (JMSB). His doctoral research at the University of Glasgow investigated the perceptual mechanisms involved in Dyslexia. At Concordia, he will be working on visual marketing behaviour.







Graduate Students

Elliott Morrice, MA.

PhD Candidate (Clinical & Research Option), Psychology

Elliott MorriceElliott’s research investigates if (and how) visual impairment impacts measures of cognitive assessment. He aims to develop substitute measures for commonly used cognitive assessments that can be performed without vision.

Karine Elalouf

MA Candidate (Research Option), Psychology

Karine ElaloufKarine’s research investigates how self-report measures of arousal correlate with eye movements and heart-rate variability measures while watching erotic videos.

She is also interested in how arousal can change our decision making, and uses the delayed discounting paradigm to explore this.

Arash Sharma

MSc Candidate, JMSB

Arash SharmaArash’s research investigates behavioural economics, and how visual cues impact our decisions to part with money. He is particularly interested in how charitable donations are influenced by the visual cues in the advertisement.

Sam Clement-Coulson

MA Candidate (Research Option), Psychology

Sam Clement-CoulsonSam’s research investigates human factors involved in aviation. He is interested in pilot training and the layout of the aviation flight deck (e.g., instrumentation)

Brandon Huard

MSc Candidate, JMSB

Brandon Huardt.b.c







Undergraduate Students

Corina Lacombe

Honours, Psychology / Research Coordinator

Corina LacombeCorina’s research investigates how scene perception impacts anxiety using psychophysics and EEG/heart-rate/eye-tracking.


She is also interested in using psychophysiological measures to assess self-reported stigma towards low vision assistive devices.

Zoey Stark

Honours, Psychology

Zoey StarkZoey’s research investigates how different font types (e.g., OpenDyslexic, Times New Roman) impacts reading performance in a Dyslexic population. She uses eye tracking to observe if the different fonts lead to changes in the characteristics of the eye movements.

Stephanie Pietrangelo

Honours, Psychology

Stephanie PietrangeloStephanie’s research is linking the Drusen present in the retina of individuals with low vision with their cognitive abilities. Longitudinal research has demonstrated that individuals with Drusen are up to four times more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease compared to age-matched older adults. Her research will investigate this at the level of the individual.

Aude Rouisse

Honours, Psychology

Aude RouisseAude’s research investigates how the location of Drusen on the retina predicts difficulties in visual tasks for individuals with low vision.


Alexandra Connor

Honours, Psychology

Alexandra ConnorAlexandra’s research is interested in how arousal can change our decision making, and uses the delayed discounting paradigm to explore this.

Austin Trudeau

Honours, Psychology

Austin TrudeauAustin’s research is interested in how arousal can change our decision making, and uses the delayed discounting paradigm to explore this.

Sophie Hallot

Undergraduate, Psychology

Sophie HallottSophie’s work investigates the impact of call quality on a video conference application using self-report measures and eye tracking.








Mathew Martin

MA (Research Option), Psychology

Matt MartinMatt’s MA thesis investigated how summary statistics are impacted by splitting attention across multiple visual features (e.g., size, orientation, colour).

Julie Shilhan

Ph.D. (Clinical and Research Option), Psychology

Julie ShilhanJulie’s PhD thesis investigated the development of the a sexual Stroop task to psychophysically measure arousal in men and women.

Bruno Richard

MA & Ph.D. (Research Option), Psychology

Bruno RichardBruno’s PhD thesis investigated the mechanisms involved in the detection of manipulations in broadband spatial frequency contrast in images containing natural scene statistical relationships.

John Brand

Ph.D. (Research Option), Psychology

John BrandJohn’s PhD thesis investigated the impact that attention has on rapid scene perception (i.e., scene gist).

Florian Grond

Postdoc, Psychology

Florian GrondFlorian’s research investigated the development and use of a mobile-phone friendly audio beacon for navigating around an indoor shopping mall.

Afroditi Panagapoulos

M.A. & Ph.D. (Research Option), Psychology

Afroditi PanagapoulosAfroditi’s PhD thesis explored how the splitting of attention impacts task performance.

Angela Vavassis

M.A. & Ph.D. (Research Option), Psychology

Angela Vavassis

Undergraduate Thesis Students