Concordia Now Article on our Dyslexia Studies

Individuals with dyslexia use a different visual sampling strategy to read text. Scientific Reports, 2021.


Dyslexics do things differently: Studying attention and the dyslexia experience

We are currently recruiting ADULTS (18 years and older) WITH DYSLEXIA for in-person studies.

Online (Not Currently Recruiting)In-Person (Recruiting)
Living in North America Aged 18-49 English speaking  In Montreal, Quebec
at Concordia University Loyola campus in NDG
English speaking
Between the age of 18-49  
Participants will be entered into a draw to earn a $100 amazon gift cardParticipants will receive $15 per hour as compensation
Two-part study

Part 1: questionnaire lasting 20-40 minutes

Part 2: Attention task lasting 20 minutes Will receive two extra entries
This study will last 2 hours
To begin, click on the link here: For more information please e-mail: dyslexiaexperiencestudy@gmail.com    
*Participants can participate in only the online OR in-person experiment, not both!*


Lime Connect: https://www.limeconnect.com/#our-stories

Lime Connect is a network of university students and professionals offering recruitment receptions, fellowship programs, scholarships and more.

Head Strong Nation: http://headstrongnation.org/adults

Head strong nations have resources for adults with dyslexia including videos on using text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies as well as tips and tricks for the workplace.

International Dyslexia Association: https://dyslexiaida.org/

The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity: http://dyslexia.yale.edu/

Resources in Canada:

Learning Disability Association of Canada: https://www.ldac-acta.ca/

Dyslexia Canada: https://www.dyslexiacanada.org

Dyslexia Canada provides recourses, community connections, and resources for individuals with dyslexia.  

Dyslexia in Canada explained: https://itshardtoread.org/

Friends of dyslexia Inc: https://www.fodcanada.ca/

Montreal Center for Learning Disabilities: https://ldmontreal.ca/

The adult life skills coaching program: https://ldmontreal.ca/adult-ld-life-skills-program/

            Ambassadors program: https://ldmontreal.ca/ambassadors-program/

Resources in the United States:

Eye to Eye: https://eyetoeyenational.org

Eye to eye is a mentoring program for students with learning and attention issues in the U.S. Eye to eye also offers workshops and talks by senior students with leading differences as well as resources on learning differently.

Understood: https://www.understood.org

Provides helpful resources and supportive committees to parents, educators and adults with learning disabilities.

National Center for Learning disabilities: https://www.ncld.org